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World Book Day Competition.

Year 3 – Year 6: Photo of student dressed up as a character from a book.  Deadline Friday 6th April.

 Any student may dress up as a character from a book.
 The use of any props or other items to make the costume and/or the setting in which the photo is
taken more creative is encouraged.
 An A5 colour photo of the student holding a copy of the book from which the character s/he is
dressed up as must be sent, together with the filled in Data Protection Sheet (I will give this to those who present the photo).
 Originality will be considered an asset.
 The student’s details should be clearly written on the back of the photo. The details should include name and surname of student, class and school attending.

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Learning and Growing Together

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Dear Pupils and Parents,

Welcome to the Poppies’ classroom blog!  On this blog you will be able to find the daily homework, notes to parents, links to educational games and photos of what will be going on during this year.  Please subscribe to this blog to be able to receive daily updates over email.

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Friday 20th April 2018.

  1. On Monday children are being asked to come to school dressed as a character from their favourite book.  They have to bring the book too.  Bring €1.  Those who do not wish to participate can come in their P.E. tracksuit.

  2. On Monday bring the letter to your penfriend.

  3. Abacus W.B. 3 Pages 9, 10 and 11.

  4. Study from Study Notes Page 42.

  5. Study for assessments clockwise, anticlockwise and right angles.

  6. Maltese handout on green copybook.  Use the note we wrote on Extrawork copybook.

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Thursday 19th April 2018.

  1.  All children have been given a form for class or whole photo package.

  2. Bring the handout filled in ‘My Hobby’ tomorrow.

  3. Think and Learn Page 21.

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Wednesday 18th April 2018.

  1.  Think and Learn Page 22.

  2. Tomorrow we have the outing to Rinella, please come in your Tracksuit with the green short sleeves T-Shirt underneath.  Bring today’s homework, lunch, water, healthy treat in a backpack (with two straps).

  3. Continue ‘A Very Busy Day’ on English Comprehension.  Careless work will have to be re-done.

  4. Revise Joined Handwriting Pages 11.  Rub off where needed.

  5. Language Awareness Programme Handouts (HAPPY BIRTHDAY), colour and match them according to the country.

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Friday 13th April 2018.

  1.  All children are to bring the Athleta Basketball Club tickets on Monday.  Get the money and tickets in an envelope.  If you do not sell any tickets, you still have to return the whole pack.

  2. Maths Angles handout back and front, mark the right angles on both sides.

  3. Study Page 48, S5 angles from Study book.

  4. Sign Maths Fractions Assessment.

  5. Revise well the numbers in Maltese 1-20.

  6. Malti Manija Pages 26 and 27.

  7. Fill in points on pre-writing handout ‘My Hobby’.   If you like you can try writing a few sentences on your own on the white copybook.  The first two grey boxes are the introduction, the white boxes are the body and the last two grey boxes are the conclusion.

  8. Show and Tell:  On Tuesday we have Elisa and Kiron, on Thursday we have Jayden and Jaunelle and on Friday we have Amy Camilleri.

  9. Those who did not get the €6.50 for Rinella, please get the money on Monday.

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Thursday 12th April 2018.

  1. Maths Angles handout on blue copybook.  Mark the right angles with a square.

  2. Maltese Klikk Page 80 (the same sentences are on the handout but do not write on the handout unless I instructed you to do so) on green copybook.

  3. Tomorrow school finishes at noon.

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Wednesday 11th April 2018.

  1.  All children have been given a Skola Sajf Registration Form.

  2. Today we started Right Angles.  Children have to use the Right Angle Measure all the time.

  3. Maths SSM Page 27.

  4. Maths handout, mark all the corners with a very good or cross.

  5. Children have been given 12 handouts to colour the flags.  This should be sent filled in by Monday.  It is very important to put all handouts in a button folder.

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Tuesday 10th April 2018.

  1. Way Ahead Pages 66 and 67.

  2. Maths Blockgraphs handout ‘Ages’.

  3. Those four children who have Athletics tomorrow, parents can also attend Marsa Sports Ground at 9:30am.

Etwinning project for THURSDAY.

  1. Go on the previous post called ‘Etwinning project’ and click on the link.

  2. Once the padlet link opens, click on the + sign.

  3. Click on ‘Title’ and write your name and surname (remember to use the capital letters where needed).

  4. Write 3 sentences about yourself by clicking ‘Write something’.  You can include age, where you live, hobby etc..)

  5. Click on SAVE.

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Etwinning Project

Nintroduċu lilna nfusna.

Posted by: Ms Catherine Bezzina | April 9, 2018

Monday 9th April 2018.

1. Read Way Ahead Unit 11.  Please go on the internet and do some research about continents, oceans, landmarks in different countries, animals living in different countries and their habitats.

2. Way Ahead Workbook Pages 62, 63, 64 and 65.

3. Tomorrow we have Aurora and Hailey’s Show and Tell.  On Thursday it is Louizaya and Gabriel’s turn.

4. Maths Blockgraphs handout, side of ‘Soldiers’ only.

5. Study the numbers in Maltese.  Spelling Assessment of first ten numbers will be on Wednesday:

wieħed, tnejn, tlieta, erbgħa, ħamsa, sitta, sebgħa, tmienja, disgħa, għaxra.

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Friday 6th April 2018.

  1. Maths SSM Page 39.

  2. M3, M4 and M7 and N27 Assessments next week.

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