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World Book Day Competition.

Year 3 – Year 6: Photo of student dressed up as a character from a book.  Deadline Friday 6th April.

 Any student may dress up as a character from a book.
 The use of any props or other items to make the costume and/or the setting in which the photo is
taken more creative is encouraged.
 An A5 colour photo of the student holding a copy of the book from which the character s/he is
dressed up as must be sent, together with the filled in Data Protection Sheet (I will give this to those who present the photo).
 Originality will be considered an asset.
 The student’s details should be clearly written on the back of the photo. The details should include name and surname of student, class and school attending.

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Learning and Growing Together

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Dear Pupils and Parents,

Welcome to the Poppies’ classroom blog!  On this blog you will be able to find the daily homework, notes to parents, links to educational games and photos of what will be going on during this year.  Please subscribe to this blog to be able to receive daily updates over email.

Posted by: Ms Catherine Bezzina | March 16, 2018

Friday 16th March 2018

  1. Maths Workbook 3 – pages 1 and 2.

  2. Cover Maths Workbook 3 in plastic.

  3. Malti – Il-partiċelli handout eżerċizzji Ċ u D fuq il-pitazz Malti 1.

Posted by: Ms Catherine Bezzina | March 15, 2018

Thursday 15th March 2018

  1. Maths PCM p. 74

  2. Malti Handout eżerċizzji A u B fuq il-pitazz Malti 2.

  3. Matthew u Alayza – tomorrow Show & Tell.

  4. Għada erġgħu ejjew bil-PE Kit.

  5. Tomorrow Maths Assessment & Library.

  6. Continue your research about Spring.

Posted by: Ms Catherine Bezzina | March 14, 2018

Wednesday 14th March 2018

1. Maths Time handout: Write the time in digital form (both sides).

2. Revise for Maths Assessment (on Friday). 

3. Tomorrow come in PE kit.

4. Keep working on your research about Spring. 

5. Complete Spring craft at home (use kartonċina)

6. Yannick – prepare Show & Tell for tomorrow.

7. Yannick, Amy & Louizaya – by tomorrow make sure you get your Maths clock with you.

Posted by: Ms Catherine Bezzina | March 13, 2018

Tuesday 13th March 2018.

  1.  Revise well the clock in analogue and digital: o’clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to.  This had to be done yesterday but only a small number of children revised them.  Tomorrow is the last day we will do the clocks, then we will have assessment.

  2. Maths clocks handout, back and front.

  3. We need to make an Easter basket so if you have an empty large strawberry container, please bring it with your name marked underneath.  We will need this on Tuesday 20th March.

  4. Study for this week’s Maths Assesments N23, N24 and N25.

  5. Study the following words for Spelling Assessment on the 21st March:

should, would, right, two, four, goes, does, made, their

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Monday 12th March 2018.

  1. Spring Creative

  2. Click on the above link to access the Powerpoint for Spring.  Fill in the handout with points (not whole sentences) but before you have to do a research for words and things about spring.  We will use this on Tuesday 20th March so please do not do it all today or at one go.   Each slide of the Powerpoint will help you fill each circle on the handout so you can write ideas in order.  Words which you find can be written also on the white copybook.

  3. Maths on blue copybook.  Revise o’clock, quarter past and half past in analogue and digital.  Google ‘Interactive clock face’ so it helps you.  Study Page 36 from study file.

  4. Tomorrow bring the paper clock we had done in class.

  5. Maltese handout ‘L-artiklu’ write on it.

  6. Read Way Ahead Unit 10.

  7. Way Ahead Workbook Pages 56, 57 (Ex 1 only) and Page 58.

  8. Copy or type ‘Jiena Ktieb’ on project book and draw.  This is for Wednesday.

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Friday 9th March 2018.

  1. Maltese handout ‘L-artiklu’, write on it.

  2. Maths three handouts, write on them, ‘Fractions’.

  3. Maltese Tahrig il-Fehem ‘Kristofru Kolombu’.  Click here to watch the video again.

Posted by: Ms Catherine Bezzina | March 8, 2018

Thursday 8th March 2018.

  1. Religion Pages 71, 72 and 73.

  2. Click on the following link for the online story ‘The Bucket Filler’.  I would like all children to watch it with you parents and discuss it as a family.  This is a very important story which we already discussed in class and will continue to work upon it.

  3. For tomorrow you need the ‘Jiena Ktieb’ handout with just the points (not sentences).  We will write the full story at school.

Posted by: Ms Catherine Bezzina | March 7, 2018

Wednesday 7th March 2018.

  1. Maths W.B. 2 Pages 38 and 39.

  2. All children have been given an envelope to donate money for the Missions, we will collect it on Monday, kindly donate from money box.

  3. Sign Spelling Assessment and Times Tables Assessment.

  4. Tomorrow we have the outing to Manikata.   We have a long walk and it might be quite hot and sunny.   Bring backpack with lunch, tissues, water, healthy treat, today’s homework and pocket.  It would be better if children do not get yogurts for tomorrow. Wear the tracksuit with the short sleeved T-Shirt underneath.  Jackets must be labelled with the children’s name and the backpack must have enough space for the lunch and jacket.

Posted by: Ms Catherine Bezzina | March 6, 2018

Tuesday 6th March 2018.

  1.  Those who would like the SuperT card game, we have 6 packets left.  Kindly bring €7.50 by tomorrow.

  2. Jiena Ktieb Use this powerpoint to help you fill in your ideas on the prewriting handout.  This is not for tomorrow as we will write it in class on Friday.

  3. Way Ahead Workbook Pages 53, 54 and 55.

  4. There are some children who need to finish the PSCD workbook.

Posted by: Ms Catherine Bezzina | March 5, 2018

Monday 5th March 2018.

  1. Maths on blue copybook.

  2. Read Way Ahead Unit 9 from Pupil’s book and revise conversations.  Look up songs on Youtube about Prepositions.

  3. Way Ahead Workbook Pages 50, 51 and 52.

  4. Please note that Kiron’s Show and Tell in English is on the 17th April; Jaunelle’s is on the 18th and Alayza’s is on the 16th March.

  5. This week we have Elisha’s Show and Tell on Thursday and Jake’s on Friday.

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