Posted by: Ms Catherine Bezzina | May 29, 2017

Monday 29th May 2017

  1. Study the Power point ‘Nitgħallmu dwar iż-Żurrieq”. Quiz will be held on Wednesday and you need to know all the information.

  2. You have an outing form to fill in.

  3. You have four new study notes, two for Time and another two for Prepositions.  File and study.

  4. Maths SSM Page 20.

  5. Think and Learn Page 59.

  6. Prepositions handout Ex B only (underline the correct preposition).

  7. Way Ahead Workbook Pages 86, 87 and 88.

  8. Continue Maltese creative writing ‘It-Tieqa l-Miksura’ on pink copybook.  Use the pre-writing handout and the vocabulary to help you.

  9. Deadline for Social Studies Project is Wednesday 31st May.  Failing to turn it on will result in D grade.


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