Posted by: Ms Catherine Bezzina | September 25, 2017

Monday 25th September 2017

  1. Parentswho are receiving this and their children are now in Year 4 or Year 5, please unsubscribe or Unfollow this blog so you will not keep receiving it.

  2. Dear parents, I would like to remind you on Thursday 28th September there is going to be a meeting for all Year 3 parents in the school hall and it is very important for all parents to attend.

  3. Please bring €12 for photocopies of booklets.

  4. Cover and label the books given today.  There is no need to cover the Religion spiral book and the Maths Abacus Handouts.  Return all books tomorrow.  You can use the transparent covers which are in the children’s satchel.

  5. Leave the white Extrawork copybook always in the satchel.

  6. You have 2 forms to fill in and return tomorrow.

  7. Always keep handouts in the plastic envelope.  Children can keep books or copybooks in the other plastic envelopes.

  8. Children can leave their colours, scissors and glue in a pocket under their school desk.

  9. Bring a pack of Deck Cards (karti tal-loghob) in a small pocket or a very small plastic envelope. Remove the Jokers, Kings and Queens.  Bring these by Friday 29th.

  10. There are children who did not bring the €3 for the Diary.  Please bring them tomorrow.

  11. Maths Abacus W.B. 1 Page 2.

  12. Use the number grid to study the numbers from 1 to 100.


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