Posted by: Ms Catherine Bezzina | October 9, 2017

Monday 9th October 2017

  1. Study A or An from Study Book Page 65.

  2. From ‘Links’ you can find games for A or An.

  3. Study Maths, N4 Money Page 5 from Study Book.

  4. English handout Paper 1 Ex A (if you have time you can do Paper 1 Ex B as well) and Paper 2 Ex A on red copybook.  Those children who have other handouts, write on them and stick them on red copybook.

  5. Maths Abacus W.B. 1 Page 9.

  6. At home, take different amounts of coins up to 99c and count them.  You can play the game Shopping Spree from ‘Links’.


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