Posted by: Ms Catherine Bezzina | October 20, 2017

Friday 20th October 2017

  1.  These children did not get their library book today: 

   Jaunelle Vella Felice – ‘The Sand Goat’

   Jayden Farrugia – ‘Injured Spider’

   Louizaya Buhagiar – ‘The Messy Cake’

2. Gabriel Vella has to bring the form of ‘Skema Gdida Frott u Haxix’.

3.  You have a note for a Maths Workshop being held on Tuesday 14th November from 9am until 10:15am in the school hall.  

4. Maths handout shapes.

5. Think and Learn Page 60.

6. I have uploaded the photo again and you can do the ‘Odd/Even’ strategy.  Children have their brown copybook.

7. Study N5 ‘Counting back’ for Assessment.

8. Find the Geoboard game from Links to make different shapes.

9. Maltese handout Ex D and E.  Some children have a different handout and I asked them to write on it.

10. Social Studies workbook Page 2.






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