Posted by: Ms Catherine Bezzina | February 16, 2018

Friday 16th February 2018.

  1. Maths revision of N21 and N22 on blue copybook.  Work out similar sums as revision.  Assessment next week.

  2. Maltese handout, write on it.

  3. Study Maltese ‘Il-Kmand’ for assessment.

  4. Stilel Pages 62 and 63.

  5. All children have been given appointment for Parents’s Day which will be held on Friday 2nd March.  Kindly note that with 24 appointments, it is impossible to change any of them.

  6. Sign spelling assessment on white copybook.

  7. Bring an extra two wide lined copybooks and another two narrow lined copybooks.

  8. Bring €6 for photocopies.

  9. Please make sure that all children have a packet of tissues with them everyday.  There are a lot of children who are not getting their mini whiteboard, whiteboard marker and white Extrawork copybook.  From next week, children without these or without homework will stay inside during break.

  10. Study these for spelling assessment on Friday 23rd:

tiegħi, miegħi, tiegħu, hemm, nilgħab, nagħlaq, nixtieq, flimkien, tajba, tajjeb.


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